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Introduction of Ravi Urban Development Authority (RUDA).

Ravi Urban Development Authority city is Government Organization the govt. of Punjab(Pakistan)  has planned the Ravi Riverfront Urban Development on each (2) banks of the river aboard a forty-six-kilometre-long stretch that’s parallel to Lahore district’ northern and western boundaries through its authority Ravi Urban Development Authority, in lightweight of the city’ projected growth and problems about water within the Ravi River.


The Ravi Urban Development Authority (RUDA) aims to vary the province’ urban areas into sustainable, liveable, and well-managed economic process engines. Urban growth and management are powerfully certain to long metropolitan coming up with that’s efficient, comprehensive, and strategic. speedy urbanization has modified the socioeconomic and physical characteristics of cities over time. Cities’ physical growth has been distributed from the land uses planned in master plans and alternative relevant documents.Ruda 2

 Introduction of Ravi Urban Development Authority Lahore, the city of Punjab, is quickly urbanizing and turning into a serious economic, financial, industrial, and socio-cultural hub. Lahore features a population of quite 10 million people. This project is more than a development plan; it’s a vision for making our future safer, greener, and higher by reassuring resource property and availability. Water storage systems, water treatment plants, artificial lakes, and barrages, among several alternative approaches, are going to be accustomed manage water shortages in Ravi City. on the far side natural water resource rehabilitation,

town also will function a hub for specialised development operations. Medical City, information City, Innovation City, industrial City, commercial enterprise & amusement City, and Sports City, among others, will concentrate on their various disciplines and convey in revolutionary reforms to hurry up the country’ development. the trendy city will also offer all of the necessary amenities to its citizens, together with a tree cowl of six million trees which will be developed within the area.

 Main Aims of this Project:

  • Medical town
  • Governmental town
  • information town
  • Mixed-use town
  • Sports town
  • commercial enterprise and amusement town
  •  Downtown
  •  industrial City


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