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 AA Block:

1st block that comes after the entrance This block also has now off ground block. Moreover, the prices of plots in AA Block are also reasonable. The latest prices are:

Plot Size Expected Prices
5 MARLA 22-30 Lacs
10 MARLA 35-45 Lacs
1 KANAL 65 lacs to 1 Crore

BB Block:

Oof Ground Block wherein the development paintings is transferring on smoothly. BB Block is part of the Iqbal Sector. Moreover, it gives the residential plots & files on the costs of.

Plot Size Expected Prices
5 MARLA 20-35 Lacs
10 MARLA 35-45 Lacs
1 KANAL 65- 80 Lacs


CC Block

CC Block gives you the residential plots of 5 Marla. 10 Marla, and 1 Kanal. This block is likewise most of the top blocks of LDA City Lahore, wherein the ownership of plots will be available after some 1-2 yeras. The plots for sale in CC Block will fee you.

5 MARLA 25-35 Lacs
10 MARLA 40-50 Lacs
1 KANAL 70- 95 Lacs



Block A1 and B1:

Some of these block’s areas are on-ground but still have good options for investment. Furthermore, the development work is Almost completed soon.

These blocks have 10 Marla and 1 Kanal plot only. These plots are available in the price range of.

Plot Size Expected Prices
10 MARLA 50-75 Lacs
1 KANAL 75 lacs to1.15 Crore

C Block

Featuring appropriate improvement and the first-class options in residential plots, LDA City Lahore trendy news confirms that C Block plots could have possession soon. Its 5 Marla plots current charges are starting.

Plot Size Expected Prices
5 MARLA 40-65 Lacs
10 MARLA 60-85 Lacs
1 KANAL  85-150Lacs

E Block:

This stunning block offers you ‘1 Kanal plot on the rate of 70 lacs to 1.25 lacs. Development work in E Block is going on smoothly.

D Block:

LDA City Lahore plots of 1 Kanal in D Block will price you greater because of their prime place. The beginning rate of one Kanal plot is 70 lacs. But the most charges are 1.80 crores.

F Block:

Here 5 Marla are to be had on the rate of 30 lacs to 45 lacs.

J Block:

Plots for sale in J Block are available in 23 lacs to 35 lacs.

There are numerous different major blocks in LDA City Lahore in which affordable rate plots available for sale. Soon the possession of 3000 residential plots might be available. According to the latest details, Jinnah Sector may have ownership first. So, in case you are planning for a useful investment on the prime area of Lahore, LDA City Lahore can be a really perfect choice for you.

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